Cultivating the Next Generation of Hawai‘i Food Producers and Entrepreneurs  

Cultivating the Next Generation of Hawaii Food Producers and Entrepreneurs  

Since 2020, the Hawaii Ag & Culinary Alliance has worked with local entrepreneurs that utilize Hawai’i-grown, raised or caught ingredients to scale their products from the cottage industry to commercial enterprise.  

In partnership with Leeward Community College (LCC) and the Wahiawa Value-Added Product Development Center, ChefZone presents From Cottage Industry to Commercial Enterprise, a program in cooperation with the State of Hawaii designed to incubate local businesses and set them up on a path to success. Each entrepreneur in the cohort receives a scholarship to LCC’s 12-week Aina to Makeke course, developed to bring food products to market and build successful food businesses.  

ChefZone is proud to introduce and host businesses and products incubated in this invaluable program.  

Mauka Meats

Mauka Meats offers sustainably sourced meat from local ranches, farmers and hunters that are processed under USDA inspection. They were in Cohort 3 of the Cottage Industry to Commercial Enterprise program and ChefZone is pleased to begin offering Mauka Meat products to our customers including, different cuts of Moloka‘i venison.  

Hawaiian Krunch Company

Hawaiian Krunch Company utilizes four of Hawaii’s canoe crops: kalo (taro), ulu (breadfruit), uala (sweet potato) and niu (coconut) in its locally made granola. More than 80% of ingredients are locally sourced from Hawaii. They were in Cohort 2 of the Cottage Industry and Commercial Enterprise cohort and three varieties kalo, ulu and uala krunch granola are now available at ChefZone.

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