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Porterhouse Prime Steak

This is a generous cut and a favorite of serious beef fans everywhere. It's actually “two steaks in one” since each Porterhouse contains both a tender filet mignon and [...]
Each: $20.14/lbs
Item #: 3401255
Weight: 34 oz. avg.
Available: 6/29/20 - 7/5/20

Rib Steak B/I Prime

A rib steak is the same cut as a rib-eye but includes the bone. This highly desired cut of meat deserves top billing due [...]
Each: $24.10/lbs
Item #: 3400509
Weight: 28 oz. avg.
Available: 6/29/20 - 7/5/20

Wagyu Tomahawk Steak Frenched

Wagyu Beef Tomahawk Steaks are essentially ribeye steaks with the bone left in and frenched (with the intercostal muscles removed), resulting in a classical and impressive presentation. Luscious and [...]
Each: $34.33/lb
Item #: 3115886
Weight: 32 oz. avg.
Available: 6/29/20 - 7/5/20

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