Proper Transport Procedures

Hello and welcome to ChefZone’s page about properly transporting food from our location to your business establishments. We want to remind all of our food service industry partners and customers to take proper precautions when transporting “Time & Temperature Control For Safety Foods” (TCS) from ChefZone to your location of business. Our goal is always to help your business deliver excellent quality and safe food to your customers. Please follow the guidelines below when transporting food that could potentially develop pathogens and the production of toxins during transit from ChefZone to your business location.

  • Shop for all dry good foods before shopping for your perishable, frozen, or refrigerated foods.
  • Use coolers with frozen gel packs for all perishable foods
  • Check you temperatures after transportation
  • Keep all food below 41℉ to prevent contamination

ChefZone is here to help and have items available for purchase to help with proper transportation.

  • Frozen Gel Packs
  • Hot and Cold Cooler Bags
  • Insulated Blankets
  • Large Collapsible Coolers
If you have questions about transporting your TCS foods from ChefZone to your business location, please visit us at our customer service counter for information on proper transportation techniques.