AUI Chocolate Glazes

AUI Orchid glazes melt evenly and quickly with no tempering required.

These premium value glazes are great for chocolate fountains and dipping fruits and cookies.

AUI goes to great lengths to source high quality chocolate from reputable and sustainably managed suppliers. The selected cocoa beans are the freshest and highest grades. Beans from various sources are mixed according to the desired recipes to produce chocolate with a distinctive and consistent flavor. Utilizing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, production and packaging lines use the best modern technologies allowing precise control over every step of the process.

AUI Chocolate Glazes

Chocolate Dipping With AUI Glazes

Follow along as Y. Hata’s corporate chefs demonstrate a simple chocolate tempering method and show off their amazing dipping techniques.

AUI Dark Chocolate Glazes

Dark Chocolate Glaze

1 / 11 lbs. | #54009

AUI Milk Chocolate Glazes

Milk Chocolate Glaze

1 / 11 lbs. | #54092

AUI White Chocolate Glazes

White Chocolate Glaze

1 / 11 lbs. | #54091

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