Welcome Sumida Farm

Sumida Farm

ChefZone is proud to announce the addition of Sumida Farm to our Go Local campaign! Go local features locally owned businesses and their products. Find Sumida Farm in the Chill Zone, its the best watercress in Hawaii!

Sumida Farm located in ‘Aiea has nourished the community for 94+ years with watercress grown in the freshwater springs of the Kalauao. The pure, cold Kalauao Springs our watercress grows in is what makes it so unique and unlike any you will find on the island or in the world.  Every bundle is hand selected and harvested to ensure you receive the best quality. Once harvested and washed, we vacuum cool the watercress to increase the shelf life of our product.

Sumida Farms Watercress
Sumida Farms Watercress
Sumida Farms