Microgreens from Metro Grow Hawaii

Introducing fresh microgreens from Hawaii’s first indoor vertical farm, MetroGrow Hawaii.

MetroGrow Hawaii is dedicated to bringing fresh and healthy produce to customers by using the latest in aeroponic and hydroponic technologies. Located in urban Kakaako, plants are grown in small indoor temperature-controlled rooms and fed a nutrient mist under LED lights, resulting in a product that requires less land, water and time while generating produce free of pests or pesticides. 

Metro Grow Hawaii
Metro Grow Hawaii
Metro Grow Hawaii


  • Aeroponics – Uses less water and nutrients, uses no growing medium that needs to be cleaned or replenished, and can support faster crop maturity. 

  • LED Lighting – Advances in LED technology have enabled the indoor grower to reduce both heat and electricity use while maintaining adequate light to support plant growth. 

  • Light Cycle Timing – Leafy growth can be accelerated by increasing the amount of the daylight cycle. Some of the microgreens are grown on a 24-hour light cycle for faster production. 

  • Temperature Control – Superior size, color, and flavor by controlling the temperature of the growing environment. 

  • Water Management – Water use is highly efficient and not a burden on the local infrastructure. MetroGrow Hawaii recirculates the nutrient solution fed to the plants to minimize waste. 

  • Food Safety – MetroGrow Hawaii’s protected systems allows growth without harmful chemical pesticides and prevents contamination from disease causing bacteria and parasites. 

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