Hawaii Business: Help for busy restaurateurs

In the most recent August edition of Hawaii Business magazine ChefZone is featured in the Trending Now section.  Hawaii Business magazine columnist Paula Bender announces “ChefZone will be a one-stop shop for food, equipment, business advice and more” and goes on to speak to how “ChefZone offers restaurateurs a helping hand with business management and food preparation.”

Shopping at warehouse stores can be crazy: Traffic frequently jams inside and outside the stores as badly as on our highways, and that’s especially difficult for restaurateurs and other business people who need to grab supplies fast and get back to work.

That’s why chef Camile Komine is looking forward to the launch this fall of ChefZone, Y. Hata & Co. Ltd.’s cash-and-carry wholesale club for food-service operators, including independent restaurateurs, catering companies, food trucks and nonprofits. The 45,000-square-foot facility at 2888 Ualena St., near Honolulu International Airport, will feature more than 6,000 food-service products, equipment and supplies, and access to more than 35,000 items through special order.

Here is a link to read the full article in the August 2014 edition of Hawaii Business magazine: “Help for busy restaurateurs

HawaiiBusinessMagazine-Article on ChefZone

Hawaii Business Magazine, August 2014 article on ChefZone