The Truffle Connoisseur’s Collection

Indulge in an exquisite truffle experience with this gourmet assortment of truffle-infused specialties.

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The gift box includes:

  • Stefania Calugi White Truffle Sauce (3 oz) – An earthy, umami-rich white truffle sauce.
  • Stefania Calugi Truffle Egg Noodles (8.8 oz) – Ribbon-cut egg pasta tossed in truffle oil.
  • Casale Paradiso Truffle Risotto (10.5 oz) – Creamy carnaroli rice blended with shaved black truffles.
  • Casale Paradiso Truffle Polenta (10.5 oz) – Smooth, creamy polenta made luxurious with truffles.
  • Fondo Montebello Truffle Balsamic Pearls (50 g) – Sweet balsamic vinegar pearls infused with truffle essence.
  • A L’Olivier White Truffle Olive Oil (8.5 oz) – A premium olive oil with the essence of rare white truffles.

With this collection, you’ll be able to create indulgent truffle-accented dishes worthy of fine dining right at home. A must-have for any truffle aficionado!

*Product assortment and brands subject to availability. Substitutions may occur to provide a comparable gourmet experience.