The Artisan Paellero’s Set

Craft authentic Spanish paella at home with hand-picked specialty ingredients by paella masters.

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The gift box includes:

  • Matiz Espana Saffron (0.8 g) – Premium Spanish saffron threads for vibrant color, aroma and flavor.
  • Matiz Espana Paella Rice (2.2 lb) – The ideal short-grain rice that absorbs flavors and cooks up plump and tender.
  • Castillo de Canena Harissa Spicy Olive Oil (8.5 oz) – A bold, peppery olive oil infused with aromatic harissa spices.

With premium saffron, authentic rice and spicy olive oil, this kit provides most of what you need to make paella worthy of the best restaurants in Spain. Just follow the instructions on the bag and include your favorite protein.

*Product assortment and brands subject to availability. Substitutions may occur to provide a comparable gourmet experience.