Elevated Girl Dinner

Created exclusively for The Fifth Avenue Club, take Girl Dinner to new heights with this Elevated Bundle!

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The gift box includes:

  • Rutherford & Meyer Fig Fruit Paste (4.2 oz) – Decadent dried fig spread with hints of orange and spices.
  • Fabrique Delices Flatbread Crackers (4 oz) – Artisanal crackers perfect for pairing and spreading.
  • Valley Produce Original Cracker Thins (3.5 oz) – Lacy, crisp crackers to complement any cheese.
  • Don Juan Salted Marcona Almonds (4.2 oz) – Plump, toasted Spanish almonds bursting with flavor.
  • Fondo Montebello Balsamic Pearls (50 g) – Sweet balsamic vinegar pearls that burst in your mouth.
  • Snowdonia Onion Chutney (3.5 oz) – Sweet and tangy caramelized onion jam.
  • Rutherford & Meyer Quince Fruit Paste (4.2 oz) – Unique fruit spread made from New Zealand quinces.
  • Fondo Montebello Blueberry Balsamic Compote (4 oz) – Rich and balanced flavor.
  • Edmond Fallot Honey Dijon & Balsamic Mustard (7.4 oz) – A creamy and nutty spread with piercing spicy flavors.
  • Fabrique Delices Cornichon Pickles (10.9 oz) – French-style gherkins pickled in vinegar and spiced the Artisanal way.
  • Casale Paradiso Bruschetta Mix Spice (100 g) – Mix this spice mixture with some olive oil, heat, add tomatoes and spread over toasted slices of bread.

With this Elevated Girl Dinner bundle, combine your favorite charcuterie and cheeses and indulge in a delightful night of self-care and gourmet flavors with your besties. The perfect excuse for a girls’ night in!

*Product assortment and brands subject to availability. Substitutions may occur to provide a comparable gourmet experience.