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Sterling Caviar Royal
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Caviar Bundle

Excite your palate with the exquisite taste of Sterling Caviar in our exclusive tasting bundle. This all-in-one set includes a tin of Sterling Caviar, two mother of pearl spoons, a caviar tin opener, mini blinis, flatbread crackers and truffle mousse pate in a Sterling cooler tote. All you need to bring is crème fraiche, chives, diced red onion and crumbled hard boiled eggs for that classic caviar experience.

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Caviar Options:

  • Sterling Two Color Caviar (30 gm) x 1 • Delight your senses with the rarest selection of the harvest, the two-color sturgeon caviar. These delicate and refined brown and green eggs are the rarest of our offerings. The unusual two-color roe is produced by a single sturgeon featuring a vegetal taste profile with minerality and creamy undertones, or,
  • Sterling Royal Caviar (30 gm) x 1 • Experience rich, full, buttery, and mildly sweet flavors with our Royal-grade White Sturgeon caviar. It will add the perfect savory touch to any hors d’oeuvre spread, or,
  • Sterling Imperial Caviar (30 gm) x 1 • Sterling’s Imperial is the crème de la crème of caviar when only the best will do. Enjoy the nut-inflected, buttery flavor that finishes with a distinct pop of the pearl and a creaminess that’s unforgettable.


  • Sterling Thermo Bag x 1 • An insulated tote bag with the Sterling Caviar logo.
  • Sterling Mother of Pearl Spoons x 2 • These beautiful handcrafted 4” mother of pearl spoons add tradition and elegance to any caviar presentation.
  • Sterling Caviar Tin Opener x 1 • These tin openers are specially designed to ease the opening of your caviar tins.
  • White Toque Tray of Mini Blini (40 ct) x 1 • Soft blinis made with butter. Traditionally served with caviar.
  • Fabrique Delices Truffle Mousse Pate (7 oz) x 1 • Creamy chicken livers, Truffles, and Cèpes (Porcini) marinated in Sherry wine.
  • Fabrique Delices Flatbread Crackers (4 oz) x 1 • Lightly flavored with some organic olive oil and grey salt, they will not overpower your toppings.

*Product assortment and brands subject to availability. Substitutions may occur to provide a comparable gourmet experience.