Use Your City & County of Honolulu

City Card

at ChefZone

ChefZone is accepting the City & County of Honolulu City Card from December 7, 2020 to January 31, 2021. If you have been issued a card, you may use it to purchase anything at ChefZone up to your card’s limit of $500.

ChefZone membership is required. Please visit the Membership Desk in-store or click here to sign up. Membership is available to the general public and is always free.

Honolulu City Card

The City Card can be used for in-store purchases at ChefZone. It cannot be used for online purchases at

Who will get the card?

About 4,000 families who are already receiving direct hardship relief from the City & County of Honolulu will get a card in the mail. If you are eligible, you will automatically receive the card. You do not need to apply.

What is the City Card?

The City Card is issued by the City & County of Honolulu and works just like a debit Master Card. The card is pre-loaded with $500 to spend at grocery stores or convenience stores on Oahu, including ChefZone.

When will cards be issued?

Households who qualify will begin receiving their cards the week of December 7, 2020. Fund must be used by January 31, 2021. Any funds not used by Janary 31, 2021 will be returned to the City & County of Honolulu.

Where can the cards be used?

Cards can be used at any grocery or convenience stores on Oahu, including ChefZone (in-store only at ChefZone – cannot be used for online purchases at, for any purchase except alcohol, tobacco products, gift cards, or bus passes. The card cannot be used at Costco, Target, Sam’s Club or Walmart.

Why is the City & County issuing these cards?

The City & County of Honolulu is using funding from the Federal CARES act to help struggling families and local grocery and convenience stores. A strong recovery strategy hinges upon helping people in need. This holiday season, Mayor Caldwell and the City & County of Honolulu have a renewed sense of urgency to help Oahu residents who are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For additional questions, please contact the City & County of Honolulu at