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About Jeff Takiguchi

Jeff Takiguchi is the Development Coordinator for ChefZone.

King Food Service joins Y. Hata & Co.

OUR OHANA IS GROWING! Effective April 2, 2018 we are proud to announce the newest addition to the Y. Hata & Co., Ltd. portfolio of brands and officially welcome King Food Service to our Ohana. For the past 105 years, Y. Hata’s mission has been to serve the people of Hawaii and be the distributor of choice by offering the best foodservice solutions and value to our customers. King Food Service shares in similar values with an innovative product line and

A Brief History

1 The ChefZone Project The ChefZone project started more than five years ago with a vision from Russell Hata. Revolutionize Hawaii’s foodservice industry with a cutting edge cash & carry store for Hawaii’s foodservice community. Product Mix ChefZone, with the support of it’s older brother Y. Hata & Co., was able to make thousands of products available to foodservice customers. A team of highly skilled merchandisers and buyers worked with our awesome vendors to give customers

Broke Da Mouth Banana Bread

Baking can be easy right? I didn’t go to culinary school, but growing up I would watch cooking & baking shows. I never really started baking until I graduated from high school and moved out of the house. I learned quickly that it’s not as easy as it looks, but I never gave up! Today I want to share a tasty recipe with you! One of my favorite things that I love to bake is my Mom’s Banana Bread. It’s the